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A killer took away everything she loved. And now he’s going after her. Wallowing in grief, Gia finds a strength she didn’t know she had and decides that the hunted must become the hunter. “CITY OF THE DEAD” promises a gripping and gritty tale of a young woman seeking justice. Readers have fallen in love with Gia Santella as a take-charge heroine.

She lives life fast, hard, and deadly. Gia Santella is a take-charge heroine and this crime thriller series contains six books filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense, and gritty drama! Gia is a kick butt woman seeking justice. See why people are saying “I am hooked. Kudos to the author for creating a character and series world that is truly special. Highly recommended!”

“Kristi knocked it out of the park again!” -Didiwi, Amazon

“WOW! ~ a must read series ~ #3 Doesn’t disappoint!!” – LitLover

“”Addicting” – Bonnie Quinlan

“A must read.” – Bibiana Perdomo

She lives life fast, hard, and deadly. If you like take-charge heroines, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and gritty dramas, then you’ll love Kristi Belcamino’s tale of revenge. This boxed set contains six gripping books. You’ll love Gia Santella and find out what has readers saying “Once you stop reading you can’t stop!”

Love a badass female sleuth with a dark past, bad attitude, and a heart of gold? Grab the Gia Santella books and escape to the dark underbelly of San Francisco with your next binge read!

Start reading this crime thriller right away!


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I have yet to read a Kristi Belcamino book that doesn’t grab me up in its excitement. Her ability to engage the reader is masterful. And, who writing novels creates more kickass characters than Kristi–Gabriella Giovanni, Gia Santella, and now Eva Santella. Kristi Belcamino is truly the queen of kickass characters. Perhaps there should be an addendum to that title though, Queen of Kickass Characters with Heart. Each of these three strong women show their strength not only in how tough they can be, how they can fight, but also in how dedicated they are to righting a wrong. Eva, the Queen of Spades, could be a super-hero in any world of right versus evil. She is someone you will be invested in from the beginning of her tale. I’m so pleased that Kristi Belcamino made the move to bring us Eva’s story, but then this is an author who instinctively makes all the right moves. – READING ROOM


Moments after starting the new novel, readers will be fully at Kristi Belcamino’s mercy. The opening chapter of Blessed Are Those Who Weep is one of the best I have read. I defy any crime fiction fan to stop reading this book after finishing that very short, but impeccably written chapter. Mixing a truly terrifying crime with an unparalleled level of compassion is most certainly a recipe for a very, very long night of reading.