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In the newspaper biz, all the best stories, the ones that are really worth reading, get placed on A1, Top of the fold! (When you fold the paper, the story still shows!)

Hope you like it.

I don’t know about you, but for me, September flew by in a flurry. We went from 90 degree days here in Minneapolis during the last week of September to the dreary, rainy 47 degree day we had today. (Boo!)

With my teenagers back in school I now have six hours to work on writing books and my author business and I’ve been busy.

The month was jampacked. We did family pictures for the first time in six years. I got to hang out with a super cool crowd at the Beirstube in Hastings, did a radio interview about the event, got to see my husband sing live at a few parties and gigs, and put out the second book in the Queen of Spades series. (See more below.)

The third Queen of Spades book – The Suicide King – is in the hands of my super talented editor. It comes out October 29! I’m several chapters into the next Gia Santella book, Stone Cold, book #9.* It will be out in November and I’ll do the cover reveal in the next newsletter.

Books in Gia Santella series- series order switch – Without getting too crazy and boring you, it was suggested that I take Lone Raven (previously the fourth book in my Gia Santella series) off the series page on Amazon because it was a novella. The person who advised I do this said that someone who never read my books would be reluctant to grab all the books because the fourth one was a novella. While I’m not convinced this is true, it didn’t hurt to keep the book out there, but remove it from the series page (HERE)

I also had something pretty goofy happen to me with Facebook. You can read more about it HERE. It threw me for a loop since it happened during launch week for my latest book. You see, you may not be on Facebook, but from what I can tell the vast majority of my readers ARE on there.

I’ve loved getting to know them over the past few years and interacting with them on a daily basis. So, it felt like I was on a deserted island last week when I could not “like” or comment on any of their posts. I had some strange, limited access  that had no rhyme or reason. For instance, I could make live videos on my Author Page.

And if I posted to Instagram, I could check the box that shared that post to my Author Page. But I was locked out of my beloved private reader group, Paesanos. It sucked. From Tuesday, Sept. 24 (launch day) to Sunday, Sept. 29 I was locked out. But of course in the big scope of things it was a teeny eeny minor problem. But annoying. The beauty was that my readers rallied like the badass supportive M-Fers that they (you?) are! : ) It was awesome how much support and help I found in spreading the word about my book. And, I had such a blast going live all the time on FB and Instagram, that I’m definitely going to do more of that. And it also inspired me to start blogging.

Probably only once a month to start until I see how it goes.

Oh one more thing, I signed up for a sword fighting class because it specializes in – get this – Italian swordfighting and martial arts. NO WAY. Right? Just like what my character Eva Santella does. I figured I’d take the class for fun, but also to be able to more authentically write about swordfighting.

I was so damn excited about the class. Well, I still am. But check out my report from the first night down below. Hope you enjoy it. Comment below about this blog so I know that you’re out there! thanks!


The men, mostly virgins, gather in the darkest corners online, drawn together by a common bond: self-hatred. They hate the way they look. They hate their disastrous sex lives. They hate alpha males

There is only one thing they hate more: women.

Women are the root of all their problems. Women are inferior and deserve to be punished for rejecting them.

Eva Santella, independent, beautiful, confident, represents everything they despise.

So they get together online and feed on each other’s rage and disappointment and frustration. And there, in their shadowy forums, they plot revenge.

On a massive scale.

It’s been done before and they can do it again.

When Eva tries to stop them, they turn their deadly sights on her.


Paesano of the Month – I reached out to my top fans on my Facebook Author Group (FB picks your “top fans”) and am not featuring them once a month. Check it out HERE.

Paesano of the Week – This is something that is just for Instagram. For now. Check it out HERE. The first #paesanooftheweek is my sweet dog, Bella!

Top Fan Giveaway – stay tuned for more details on this soon ….

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I’m giving away a $25 Amazon card! Scroll down to enter!

This is BOOK THREE in the Queen of Spades Thriller Series. Eva is a BLAST to write.

Here’s more:

Former assassin and mafia boss Eva Lucia Santella has lost everything she’s ever cared about, but is still attempting to carve out a new life for herself back in Italy as a modern day Robin Hood, devoted to taking down those who prey on the innocent.

And she’s training an army of female assassins to help her do it.

When one of her top lieutenants comes under attack, Eva vows revenge.

But when her niece Gia Santella—unexpectedly shows up in Italy, Eva finds that she has more to lose than she ever dreamed possible. She’d avoided meeting the young woman, knowing that everyone she ever cares about is inevitably taken from her.

The two women soon find themselves in the fight of their lives in a battle that leaves them both reeling in grief and left with only one option:

Kill or be killed.



That’s all for this month’s blog! If you’ve read this far, thank you!!!!

Grazie mille,

x Kristi

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