1  What is your idea of perfect happiness? Knowing that my loved ones are safe and well.

2 What is your greatest fear? Not having an impact sufficient enough for at least one person to remember the things I did, where I’ve been, my accomplishments, and my failures and for someone to use that as an aid in deciding what to do and not do.

Hopefully that one person would be my daughter.

3 What makes a book great? A great book must first completely capture and hold your attention, have you identify with the main characters or their quest, entertain you, and, regardless of the genre, leave you with the assurance that you learned at least one thing new.

4 Who are your favorite writers? Currently, my favorite writers – in no particular order – are Mark Dawson, Alison Golden, Kristi Belcamino, Blake Banner, Sally Rigby, Kate P Adams,  DV Berkom, and Dan Ames.

5 Who is your favorite character in fiction? My first favorite character as a youngster would have been Sherlock Holmes. Over the years there have been and are others. I have at least one favorite character with each of the authors listed above.

6 What historical figure do you most identify with? JFK

7. Which talent would you most like to have?
I think (Not completely convinced.)

To at least occasionally listen to the advice of others rather than almost exclusively doing just the opposite. My father once told me that I so disliked being told what to do that I could ask someone the time and then be annoyed at the person for telling me.

Someone once said that my definition of nagging was to ask me to do something ONCE!?

If not that “talent”, then I would think writing of some sort.

8  What do you like most about my books? They do hold my interest from start to finish, they have main characters who accomplish the triumph of good over evil, I learn something new from each book, and those main characters are strong, independent women. I don’t want my daughter to be the next Queen of Spades (I’m almost certain.), but I do want and hope and will help in any way I’m able for her to be of strong character and intensely independent. (I believe the outcome is assured at this point, if it’s not already “Mission Accomplished “.)

[How can I not love the Queen of Spades who hails from Sicily as did my maternal grandparents?]

9 What is your most treasured possession? Material possessions don’t mean much – if anything at all.


10 What is your motto?  You cannot change the past. Don’t dwell on it. Learn from it and concentrate on today and the future.