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Gia, the prequel novella

When they made fun of Gia Santella in school, for being Italian-American, accusing her family of being in the Mafia, her father had arranged for her to study karate.

But now her father was dead. And her karate skills had failed her. The attack—from someone she trusted—changed her, and her life, forever.

She was alone in the world and it was up to her to seek her own justice.

Vendetta was her destiny.

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THE FIRST BOOK in the USA TODAY Bestselling Gia Santella Crime Thriller series.

A bloody stalker. A personal vendetta. It’s either kill or be killed. Gia Santella lives life on her own terms but when everyone she loves ends up dead, she decides it’s time for the hunted to become the hunter.

If you like take-charge heroines, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and gritty dramas, then you’ll love Kristi Belcamino’s tales of revenge.

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Hate crimes. Missing people. Dark secrets.
Vigilante heiress Gia Santella is facing her most dangerous enemy yet in this second book in the USA TODAY Bestselling series.

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Dark Night of the Soul

Vigilante heiress Gia Santella has finally put her dark past behind her.

Unfortunately, the past isn’t done with her yet.

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Lone Raven

Vendetta is not a choice–it’s her destiny.

White sand beaches. Turquoise waters. Tequila. And murder.

Gia Santella’s hunt for her best friend leads her on a road trip to Mexico where she learns that there is no refuge from evil despite sunny skies and bucolic beaches.

Book four in the USA TODAY Bestselling series.

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Black Widow

A Mediterranean cruise. A fascinating new friend. An assassin playing a deadly game of revenge.

Vigilante heiress Gia Santella has everything that money can buy.

It’s what she can’t buy—love, companionship, friendship—that eludes her.

When Gia is forced to take a luxury cruise, she sets aside her vigilante ways. As she enjoys exotic lands and foods, a new friendship gives her hope that she might be able to lead a normal life like everybody else.

But like everything else in her life has done, her new friendship soon takes a deadly turn.

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Taste of Vengeance

They dine with bishops. They vacation with presidents. They sleep with movie stars. So who can stop them when their actions turn deadly?

Sydney Rye and Gia Santella—two fierce vigilantes devoted to justice—meet for the first time when they find themselves caught up in a deadly Silicon Valley subculture revolving around some of the most powerful men in the world.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize that the elite group of men are playing a depraved and deadly game and nobody will dare to interfere.

It’s left up to the two women to risk it all to stop the men and save more innocent lives.

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Day of the Dead

Named one of Barnes & Noble’s 20 Favorite Indie Books of 2018

They are the forgotten girls. The lost ones with haunted eyes wandering the gritty streets of San Francisco. Gia Santella, long experienced in fighting her own demons — is drawn into a battle for the girl’s very lives. The vigilante heiress soon discovers that much more than bad choices are to blame for the girls’ circumstances.

“Grounded by a tough-as-nails heroine, Belcamino indulges readers in a twisted tale that thrills at breakneck speed.”
— from Barnes & Noble

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The eighth book in the USA TODAY bestselling series.

Gia Santella has settled into domestic life with a vengeance.

But then her world is upended and Gia finds herself fighting against her most ruthless enemy yet.

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Night Fall

A group of hackers fighting for the underdog. A greedy society who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Gia Santella is no stranger to San Francisco’s gritty streets, dark underbelly, and unusual crimes. But when the vigilante heiress comes up against a powerful evil trying to destroy her beloved city she realizes her enemies will stop at nothing to make sure she stays out of the way.

After the bodies of young men start turning up on city streets, Gia finds a disturbing connection that puts her in a desperate and deadly race against time. Her efforts bring her face-to-face with a new enemy so dangerous she finds herself in the fight of her life to save not only her beloved city, but the lives of her dearest friends.

Night Fall is a gripping new thriller in Kristi Belcamino’s bestselling Gia Santella series. With a strong, smart, and sassy female protagonist, characters that feel like family, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, it’s easy to see why readers are so passionate about Gia Santella’s world.

Buy Night Fall today to see how the “take-charge, intoxicating” Gia Santella handles the most powerful force she’s gone after yet.

“Kudos to the author for creating a character and series world that is truly special. Highly recommended!”

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