Tommy St. James Boxed Set

The first three books in the Tommy St. James Mystery Series.


This volume contains three books in the Tommy St. James Mystery Series.

“Absolutely loved it.”

“Chilling, creepy, too many late nights reading but all worth it.”

“I could not put this book down! Kristi keeps getting more and more intense as she develops this series … This book is full of twists and turns and suspense.”


A deadly scheme. Powerful men. Innocent child victims.

After work, all Photojournalist Tommy St. James wants is to put her feet up, crack open a cold beer and watch some good, old-fashioned baseball.

She has to deal with enough killers at work.

But a dark evil that begins along a trail of horrors along the border of Mexico soon has other plans that lead right to her doorstep.

Tommy finds herself at the center of a perverted plot involving some of the city’s top dogs. It’s up to her to avenge the innocent and make sure the powerful and evil men taking advantage of the most vulnerable are punished.


He is watching. And waiting. And thirsty for revenge.

The killer preys on people when they feel safest … during the day, on the phone, during a lunch time stroll …

When an unsuspecting jogger is yanked off a popular walking path and slain in broad daylight, photojournalist Tommy St. James taps into her police sources to help her newspaper investigate the slaying. But her efforts go terribly wrong and soon, St. James is the killer’s target.


Dead college boys. Lazy police. A killer with a far-reaching deadly mission.

College boys are disappearing in Minneapolis, and later being found dead in the Mississippi River.

Police are ruling the deaths accidental. They say the boys got drunk and wandered off, either dying from a fall or hypothermia.

But the police are wrong.

And it’s up to one Minneapolis photojournalist, Tommy St. James, to prove it.

But what she discovers is far worse than she ever imagined. If she doesn’t stop him, more people will die and it is all because of her.