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Dear friends,

I have been reluctant to make an appearance here publicly but rest assured I have been honored and humbled by this site and all that you have said. I have been in the wings reading and full of wonder.

But now is the time for me to come forward. I have to speak up. So first, thank you all for your support and love and for believing in me recently even when nobody else did.

But I must speak out and reveal the truth.

I need to tell you who the real hero was that day on the stage.

It was a young man who contacted me through a message on this site a few weeks ago asking for my help in stopping a mass shooting.

He convinced me to fly over from Italy and try to stop a maniac. And then, when it looked like all was lost and was too late, he drew the attention of the shooter away from me and hundreds of others in the auditorium.

He gave his life for me and for all of them.

He is the hero.

His name is Conrad Reynolds.

He was my friend.

— The Queen of Spades

Welcome Queen of Spades fans.

This fan site is a place for all fans of the Queen of Spades to get together, create, and support one another. We especially welcome fan art. Nobody knows what she looks like, but we all have ideas. So share your art, your stories, your videos. And remember to be kind and accepting and loving, just like the Queen.


I bought this picture on the dark web. An official at the pageant took it but said she'd be fired if it came out she was taking photos during the shooting.

I think it might be the only picture showing the Queen of Spades face. It's blurry. But it's her. She's a hero.


Posted: 8/31/19
Username: QueenFan1


Please sign this petition. CLICK HERE. If we all rally and share the evidence that Molly sent us by email, we can make it so the police HAVE to listen to us and set her free. She is a hero. Not a murderer.

We have already received 40,000 signatures. Don't forget to click and sign.

In solidarity.

Posted: 9/1/19
UserName: QueenDefender

My story is different.
It's not that I'm NOT a fan because I am, but I never got the chance to ask her for help.
My baby brother was killed by my dad because there WASN'T someone like the Queen of Spades to help us. My mother tried to save us, but she couldn't. She was mentally ill and when they took her away from us, my dad could do whatever he wanted. What he wanted most was to beat me up. And then one day my little brother, Ryan, tried to stop my dad. And my dad killed him. I wish I could say I killed my dad after that. But I didn't. I froze. I couldn't move. My dad then killed himself. This was before the Queen of Spades. This was twenty years ago and I've never gotten over it.

Posted: 7/19/19
UserName: LiferK18

I know that nobody knows what the Queen of Spades looks like, but this is how I've always imagined her. Check out my other art - instagram at @jewelviolet

Posted: 8/1/19
Username: JewelViolet


URGENT. This man is threatening to commit a mass shooting in the next twenty-four hours. Please share this post and picture and help us find him. If you spot him or know who he is, don’t approach. He is armed and extremely dangerous. Call 911 or message us here.


Who is she really?
Who is behind the mask?
Who cares.
All I know is that when my asshole dad beat up my mom and told her that if she left him he'd hunt her down and kill her and then raise me the way he wanted, he somehow had a "change of heart."
That I'm sure had NOTHING to do with the broken arm and black eye he walked into court with.
My mom wouldn't answer me when I asked what happened, but I got on her phone one night.
It was the Queen of Spades.
I owe that woman my life. And my mom's life.
A loyal fan for ever.

Posted 7/6/18
User: Shan2020


Posted: 5/3/18

UserName: Spadefan1

She IS the Queen.

I made this video based on the rumors I've heard about her. I don't know if they are true or not ...

Posted 7/7/2018
User: LadyFinn


Posted: 8/18/17

UserName: Batgirl23

I'm so glad I found this site.
My brother was about to lose his kids to his drug addicted, manipulative, abusive wife. The problem was the woman was the daughter of a really rich powerful business man in Silicon Valley with lots of connections with politicians and police.
He was about to run. He was going to take his two kids and leave the country. I supported him, believe me, I would have done anything to keep those kids out of their mother's hands as well, but it was breaking my heart. I would probably never see them - or him again. But then I heard about this woman. This Italian warrior type who helped people like my brother. I wasn't sure how to find her, but when I googled and tried to find information on her.  I couldn't. I prayed that somehow, some way, I could find her. I started posting about needing her help, but not saying why, on every public forum I could. And then, not long after, I got an email. From her. She agreed to help.
My brother has full custody and a restraining order against the mother now. Thanks to the Queen of Spades. That woman is a saint.

Posted 7/15/2017
User: AuntieLove28


Posted: 2/14/17

UserName: Fan4ever