1. What is your idea of perfect happiness? For me perfect happiness is my family being together for a favorite meal I've cooked,  then hanging out with the dogs and a GREAT book. That kind of day is perfect and makes me happiest. Now, if we're talking existentially, of course world peace and the elimination of WMDs would top my list. Having our children grow up never needing "Active Shooter Drills" or worrying about the end of the world  . . . . . that would be perfect happiness!
  1. What is your greatest fear? Losing my child before I die.

  2. What makes a book great? A GREAT book has three qualities: 1) characters with whom I'd either want to go out to eat or have a drink;  2) an ending I cannot figure out;  3) that "time stopping" quality ~ when you look up and don't know where you are or how much time has passed ~ THAT makes a book great!

  3. Who are your favorite writers?  There are so many!!! (Kristi!) Diana Gabaldon; Estelle Ryan; JK Rowlings; Harper Lee; Toby Neal; Michael Lister; Robin Roughley; Elise Noble; David Archer; Emily Kimelman; Patrick Rothfuss; JL Brown; Russell Blake; Kathy Reichs; Dennis Carstens; Rebecca Forster; Brenda Pandos; Stephanie & Isaac Flint; Deborah Harkness; Alisha Klepheke ~ oh, somany more!!! 😮

  4. Who is your favorite character in fiction? Atticus Finch

  5. What historical figure do you most identify with? Ummmmmm ~ this is hard! Perhaps Coco Chanel:  as an iconic fashion designer she created 'the little black dress', but I'm most happy she ditched corsets and gave women permission to wear pants ~hallelujah! (I do tend to push boundaries whenever I can!)

  6. Which talent would you most like to have? I think I would like to be artistic ~ I failed stick-people drawing!

  7. What do you like most about my books? I would have to say the Mafia/Mafioso influence ~ I learn so many new things! But also the characters aren't just in a book, they're PEOPLE!!! They're people I'd like to meet ~ sit down with ~ drink with ~ chat with ~ laugh with ~

  8. What is your most treasured possession? family photographs and my piano ~

  9. What is your motto?" Though she be but little, she be fierce!" (Shakespeare)