I love getting to know the people who read my books and over the years have met so many people through emails and my private Facebook Reader Group. This reader feature is another – really fun – way to do so.

In this profile, I ask readers my own version of the Proust Questionnaire.

This is a chance for me – and you – to get to know one another. I seriously have the best reader community on the planet – and they’ve named themselves the Paesanos! Italians often refer to friends and fellow villagers as “paesano.” It is a warm and welcoming word and it is perfect for my kickbutt readers.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Stacey Smith – August 2020

Cheri Scallan – July 2020

Lu Curtis – June 2020

Tom Hart – May 2020

Brenda Place – April 2020

Denise Chapman-Hendrikson – March 2020

Lisa Badger – February 2020

Bridget Eggers – January 2020
Robin Paradis-Kent – December 2019
John Conolley – November 2019
Bonnie Quinlan – October 2019
Danielle Matthews – September 2019
Garret Wong – August 2019
Kate Mangelli Carroll – July 2019