1.     What is your idea of perfect happiness?    Walking barefoot in the sand along the beach.
  1.     What is your greatest fear?     Fire, I am hearing impaired and waiting on a service dog, but until then I am fearful because I cannot hear the fire  alarm if my hearing aids are not in.
  1.     What makes a book great?    If the book allows you to escape and feel its presence and you can relate to its characters.
  1.     Who are your favorite writers?    Kristi Belcamino, Emily Kimelman, Toby Neal, James Patterson and John Sandford
  1.     Who is your favorite character in fiction. Probably Gia Santella and Lei Texeira
  1.     What historical figure do you most identify with?    This as a hard question, but as a teacher, reader and writer I would have to say Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  1.     Which talent would you most like to have?   I would love to be a better writer.
  1.     What do you like most about my books?   I love that they are fast paced, character driven and relatable.
  1.     What is your most treasured possession?   I would have to say my DSLR camera.
  1. What is your motto?  Be kind, always.