I’m in Facebook jail and need your help!


Of course some TROLL on Facebook said I was making all this up to get shares. What a douche. (Sure, I made up the f-ing screen shots below! Jackhole!) Anyway, moving right along …

However, his nastiness prompted me to close this contest because even though for the most part I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, this made me feel cheap, tawdry. Thanks jerk. So I’m eliminating anything that will reward people for sharing. Thank you for all your shares.

I’ve randomly chosen a winner for the $25 gift card:
dXforXst@aol.com I’ve emailed you!

After 24 hours in Facebook jail because *I think* of my bookcover, I was able to hop back on and say “I’m back” before they banned me again!

See pictures below.

The pictures below also show the two posts that landed me in Facebook jail. The first one that mentions the memes – maybe it was flagged for saying “kickass” or maybe it was flagged for asking people to share? I don’t know.

The Facebook cover photo I tried to upload (which by the way is already on two other pages of mine) was flagged as well. So odd.

Some of you might know that word of mouth is SUPER important during the week you launch a book and Facebook has essentially eliminated my ability to spread the word about my new book. Sure I have a newsletter and this website, but honest to God, most of my readers are on Facebook or IG (after all that’s what brought you here!)

So I’m asking for your help. Can you share this image and this ready-made post as your status on Facebook to help me spread the word while I’m in Facebook jail?

You can right click on the image and copy and paste it into your status and copy and paste the words below if you’d like to help.

TEXT FOR POST TO SHARE or make up your own:


I’m so excited and I thought you might be too about Kristi Belcamino’s latest release!

You can check it out here: https://amzn.to/2l7OLtY



To those willing to help out by sharing, I’d love to enter you in a drawing for a $25 Amazon card. To let me know you did — since you can’t tag me on FB right now — please come back and comment here “I did it” or something with the link, a screenshot or your social media handle so I can go see it.

Thank you so much – as you know word of mouth is so important to writers.


PS Feel free to email me at kristibelcaminowriter@gmail.com, as well, whether to just say hello or to say you shared this info. Thanks!


PPS Here are the screenshots I mentioned above:

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