Ciao bella paesanos!

When Facebook put me in jail and essentially shut down my ability to interact with my readers, I started brainstorming ways to continue to get to know the KICKASS people in my community.

I think Italians pride themselves on making limoncello out of lemons! ; )

I already do Paesano of the Month and will continue doing this, but also thought it would be fun to do an Instagram campaign called #PaesanooftheWeek to get to know people even more.

If you’d like a chance to be chosen as #PaesanooftheWeek  please post a picture with ANY ONE OF my books  (paperback or on an eReader) of you OR your pet to your Instagram account, tag me (@kristi_belcamino) and include the hashtag #PaesanooftheWeek!

Grazie Mille!

P.S. Don’t be SHY. You can see that even Bella, the very first Paesano of the Week, was a little reluctant at first. But then when I mentioned “carrot” Boom. She was ALL over that. : )