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Meet Gia. Fearless. Loyal as the day is long. Deadly. Thirsty for justice at all costs.

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“Once you start reading, you can’t stop.”

Gia Santella is my alter ego, the woman I might have been in a different life.

She’s a hedonist and a badass and doesn’t give a F what anyone else thinks about her and her lifestyle. She has zero inhibitions and a large lust for life.

But she also has the biggest heart around and would give her life to save someone more vulnerable than she is.

WhenI began writing Gia, I didn’t really know her, I just knew that she was a really fun character to write because I never knew what she was going to do next.

As she came to life on the page, loving her vices: drinking, drugs, and sex, I knew one thing for sure–she was about to take me for a wild ride.

Armed with an enormous inheritance, she would selflessly give everything to help someone who was down-and-out.

When we first meet her, in Gia in the City of the Dead, she has recently lost her beloved parents. She hasn’t figured out how to deal with her grief in a healthy way so she at times is self-destructive and impetuous in ways that make me cringe and worry about her.

As she says, “I’m never lucky.”

But somehow, she manages to survive.

I hope you love her as much as I love writing her.

Meet Gia.


Loyal as the day is long.

A true hedonist.

Thirsty for justice at all costs.


Vendetta is not a choice–it’s her destiny.

White sand beaches. Turquoise waters. Tequila. And murder.

Gia Santella’s hunt for her best friend leads her on a road trip to Mexico where she learns that there is no refuge from evil despite sunny skies and bucolic beaches.

Many Americans flee to Baja, California to escape something.

The drudgery of a 9-to-5 life.

An abusive husband.

A hefty tax bill.

But others go there to kill.

The beauty of Baja hides dark secrets and soon Gia finds herself caught up in a group of ex-pats who like the advantages of living in a place where people can disappear without a trace and nobody bats an eye.

Now, it’s up to Gia to seek justice for the innocent.