1 – What is your idea of perfect happiness?  I am a pretty simple person. Spending time with my family and new puppy, helping out others when I can, getting lost in a good book, cooking and baking, and making my own herbal products. 


2 – What is your greatest fear?  Being trapped in a tight space or falling.  I had a couple of bad experiences I would definitely rather not repeat.


3 – What makes a great book?  It grabs you from the first page, the story is well-written and full of suspense and intrigue with interesting characters, and when the author’s writing style keeps you so engrossed it feels like you are part of the story.


4 – Who are your favorite writers?  Wow, I have a ton I love to read and hit that ‘one-click’ when their books release.  Some of my tops are Susan Stoker, Mary Burton, Riley Edwards, Sue Coletta, Melinda Leigh, Kendra Elliot, Janie Crouch, and Kristi Belcamino. (J)  And I could go on, lol. I love to read!


5 – Who is your favorite character in fiction?  Hmm, not sure I have an overall favorite ‘one’ character but I love strong, kick-a$$ women who stand up for themselves, for what they believe in, and stand by their man (not let them take the lead).  Definitely like the characters Kristi writes – I love Eva and Gia. Both are great examples.


6 – What historical figure do you most identify with?  Florence Nightingale. I have always had a knack for taking care of others and I enjoy doing it; even today. 


7 – What talent would you most like to have?  I really enjoy cooking and baking and I am self-taught.  I would love to be more accomplished with both. There are things I am still learning and stuff I still really want to try. 


8 – What do you like most about my books?  I like that they are gripping and exciting and full of suspense and the characters have a ‘real’ feel, as well as the story.  They do not feel exaggerated and the plots seem plausible.


9 – What is your most treasured possession? I actually have a few.  A ring my parents gave me for my sweet 16 and a birthday card and a picture of me with my dad.  The card was the last he gave me (that he picked out and signed himself with a note) and then the last picture I have with him.  He passed away several years ago from ALS and it is still tough to this day. I cannot think of him and not cry; whether it is happy or sad tears, they always come.


10 – What is your favorite motto?  Actually I have 2. 1) Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day, Love Always and 2) Always Stay Humble and Kind.