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Number one best seller in Vigilante Justice, Noir, Hard-Boiled, and Heist.

From USA TODAY bestselling and Anthony Award-nominated author comes this wildly thrilling and fast-paced yet heartbreakingly touching series. After learning her parents’ untimely deaths were the work of a murderer, free-spirited heiress Gia Santella reinvents herself as a vigilante warrior for justice.

With tens of thousands of books sold, the Gia Santella Crime Thriller series will make you stay up all night, ditch your chores, and sneak off to binge read!

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Vendetta - Gia Santella vows to avenge the murders of her loved ones and must stay one step ahead of the ruthless plot to end the Santella family line. To avoid yet another family tragedy, Gia has a bloody choice to make: kill or be killed.

Forgotten Island - When a student journalist at U.C. Berkeley covering the protest for the school paper, disappears, Gia is asked to help. Gia is soon caught in a race against time to find the young journalist before it's too late... If she fails, more innocent people will die ... And it will all be her fault.

Dark Night of the Soul - In this suspense-filled page-turner, Gia travels from her San Francisco neighborhood to her mother's native Sicily and finds herself face-to-face with a tangled web of deep dark secrets that threaten to destroy everything she ever believed was true.

Lone Raven- Gia Santella's hunt for her best friend leads her on a road trip to Mexico where she learns that there is no refuge from evil despite sunny skies and bucolic beaches. She will risk everything to save the innocent …

Black Widow - When Gia is forced to take a luxury cruise, it soon takes a deadly turn. With a new friendship on the line—and maybe her own life—Gia sets out to avenge the innocent once more. But this time, her desire for vendetta may be her undoing.

Day of the Dead – Named one of Barnes & Noble's 20 Favorite Indie Books of 2018. They are the forgotten girls. The vigilante heiress soon discovers that much more than bad choices are to blame for the girls’ circumstances.

Border Line – Gia Santella has settled into domestic life with a vengeance. But then Gia finds herself fighting against her most ruthless enemy yet—a deadly and vicious force whose powerful reach extends across continents.

Night Fall –After the bodies of young men start turning up on city streets, Gia finds a disturbing connection that puts her in a desperate and deadly race against time to save not only her beloved city, but the lives of her dearest friends.

Stone Cold – When 8-year-old Rosalie came into her life Gia immediately took her in. But then Rosalie’s real father decided he wanted her back- and he’s head of one of the world’s most powerful drug cartels. Gia vows to fight to the death—his or hers—to stop him.

Author's Note: This series is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, gripping thriller with a flawed but big-hearted vigilante heroine who loves nothing better than kicking butt and taking names for those who can't do so themselves. If you like take-charge heroines, edge-of-your-seat suspense, rip-roaring thrillers, and gritty dramas, you’ll love Kristi Belcamino’s tales of revenge.

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