1.     What is your idea of perfect happiness? Everyone is healthy and do drama to deal with.
  2.     What is your greatest fear? Losing a loved one. The hardest was losing my dad when I was 16. 
  3.     What makes a book great? The story captures your attention from the start, engages you throughout,  and surprises you at the end. 
  4.     Who are your favorite writers? Kristi Belcamino, John Grisham, Sandra Brown, Patricia Cornwell,  Richard Castle. 
  5.     Who is your favorite character in fiction? Eva and Gia Santella, Nikki Heat 
  6.     What historical figure do you most identify with? I don’t know. It would require some serious research LOL. 
  7.     Which talent would you most like to have? Ability to draw beyond stick figures 
  8.     What do you like most about my books? They get me right into the action. I still have that motorcycle chase in my head! 
  9.     What is your most treasured possession? Family, pets, photos, and my “Supernatural” collection. 
  10. What is your motto? Live life to the fullest, even if it means learning something new.  You are never too old to learn!