Queen of Spades

The FIRST book in the acclaimed series.

In Sicily, Eva took over her father’s role as mob boss and made it her own by going after the greedy and protecting the poor.

Then she was betrayed. She fled to America to create a new life.

When her past caught up to her, she lost it everything she loved.

Now she only has one reason to live — to make them pay.

Vendetta is her destiny.

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One-Eyed Jack

The One-Eyed Jack

♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️Eva Santella is coming … ♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️♠

Book two in the Queen of Spades Thrillers is now available to pre-order.


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The Suicide King

In this third book in the acclaimed Queen of Spades thriller series, Eva Santella meets her niece, Gia, for the first time.
The past has caught up with both women with a deadly vengeance and they must work together if they are going to survive.
Both Santella women find themselves in the fight of their lives in a battle that takes place in Italy and Sicily and leaves both women reeling in grief and left with only one option: Vendetta.

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The Ace of Clubs

The fourth book in the acclaimed Queen of Spades Thriller Series featuring former Italian mob boss Eva Santella.

When an American girl goes missing on spring break in Cabo San Lucas, her desperate mother turns to the Queen of Spades for help.

Drunk tourists on spring break are a dime a dozen in the popular resort town, but nobody who lives there wants to help find the missing girl. Including the police.

Eva finds that nothing is as it seems on the Baja Peninsula.

If she is going to find the girl, dead or alive, Eva must travel a twisted and dangerous path and risk it all.

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The Joker

More soon … Coming MARCH 24th, the fifth book in the acclaimed Eva Santella Crime Thriller Series

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The Wild Card

Middle-schooler. Soccer Player. Soprano. Trained Killer.

When Rosalie was a baby in Mexico, cartel members murdered her mother in front of her.

Just before she turned eight, her guardian was raped and strung up on a tree by the coyote trying to smuggle them into America.

At nine, she watched men cut her nanny’s head off and throw it into the jungle.

Now, at twelve, Rosalie vows that no more women will die in front of her ever again.

She will become the angel of death.

And the Queen of Spades will make it so.

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