Eva Lucia Santella was born into the family business.

She was a natural and soon became an accomplished assassin for the mob and then the first female mob boss.

But then everything changed when she refused to join forces with other Mafiosi starting a sex trade operation.

Now they want her dead.

And now even her deadly skills may not save her.

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Queen of Spades

The FIRST book in the acclaimed series.

In Sicily, Eva took over her father’s role as mob boss and made it her own by going after the greedy and protecting the poor.

Then she was betrayed. She fled to America to create a new life.

When her past caught up to her, she lost it everything she loved.

Now she only has one reason to live — to make them pay.

Vendetta is her destiny.

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One-Eyed Jack

The men, mostly virgins, gather in the darkest corners online, drawn together by a common bond: self-hatred. They hate the way they look. They hate their disastrous sex lives. They hate alpha males
There is only one thing they hate more: women.
Even before they first hear about her, Eva Santella, independent, beautiful, confident, represents everything they despise.
Their goal is death and destruction.
When Eva tries to stop them, they turn their deadly sights on her.
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