Letters from a Serial Killer

The true story of a mother and a journalist’s fight to save a little girl’s life

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"Heartbreaking and horrifying, Letters From a Serial Killer delves into the thinking of a monstrous murderer - but it also reveals the brave struggles of the women who faced him in order to find justice for his victims. It's a powerfully emotional true account that simply must be read." - Claire Booth, author of true crime book, The False Prophet

"An unflinching look at the mind of a notorious Northern California predator who shattered young lives - and invaded the psyche of the reporter who dared to confront him.Together with an anguished victim's mother, Kristi Belcamino fought for answers, at great personal and professional peril. Letters from a Serial Killer is required reading for the armchair criminal profiler. But be forewarned: this book is not for the meek."- Henry K. Lee, author of Presumed Dead: A True-Life Murder Mystery

On a December morning, 7-year-old Xiana Fairchild left her apartment in downtown Vallejo to head to the school bus stop and was never seen alive again.

In Letters from a Serial Killer, Kristi Belcamino and Stephanie Kahalekulu share details of their jailhouse conversations with the man who kidnapped and killed Xiana, the letters he sent from behind bars and how they are forever bonded by their dealings with a monster, but more than that—by their quest for justice for Xiana.