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I love, love, love book clubs.

Many years ago when being a published author was only a dream, I had a book club experience that was amazing.

My book club read everything Adriana Trigiani published. I’m not sure how it happened but her publicist reached out and asked if we wanted Trigiani to call in to our next book club meeting. (This was before Skype, lol!)

We said “Heck, yeah” and then were sooo excited when the phone rang. I put it on speaker phone and answered and Trigiani said, “Hey, baby, how’s it going?”

We spent about an hour chatting with her and she told us insider details about her books and also asked us questions, such as “Do you think those two should end up together?” and so on.

It was fantastic.

I vowed, right then and there, that if I were ever a published author I would do the same.

I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve met with dozens of book clubs in person and on Skype. It never gets old.

Because of this, I’m hosting a giveaway.

Each month I will be sending a book club

  • Six signed copies of one of my books
  • A Skype or phone call visit to your Book Club event.
  • Fun swag

You can enter below.

Your email will not be shared or used for anything except the contest.

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