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Real Email 3/4/2021

Dear Ms. Belcamino,

One thing that really frosts me is the incorrect use of the apostrophe. I hope that as you have become more experienced as a writer you have learned the correct way to use it. Plurals of nouns DO NOT use an apostrophe! In the first 26 pages of Vendetta, this has happened twice. Grrr….

Real Response 3/5/2021


Thank you for your email.
While I believe grammar is important, telling a good story is my main goal.
So, despite your concerns, I can’t say I have learned the¬†correct way to use an¬†apostrophe. And if you ask my editor, I also haven’t learned the proper way to use a comma.
After a career as a newspaper reporter and the author of more than thirty novels, I really count on my superstar editors to catch those errors for me. But, alas, they are not perfect, either.
Perhaps you are, though?

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